Producer of high quality innovative working elements for agricultural machinery

We produce

High quality parts for agricultural machines offered by KONGSKILDE and compatible with them

Tines, shares, goose feet

For cultivators and harrows 

Working parts for agricultural machinery offered by Andersen Steel  are manufactured with use of modern and automated processes


Andersen Steel uses Kongskilde’s structural, engineering and knowledge achievements in material processing.

Today’s Andersen Steel offer is the sum of decades of experience in the construction and creation of production technology for working elements for agricultural machinery, such as cultivators, tilling sets, seed drills with cultivation function. Selected brands of equipment for which Andersen Steel products can be used are Vibro Master, Germinator, Vibro Crop, Vibro Flex, Vibro Till.
Andersen Steel offers tines, coulters, goose feet, wings, clamps, auxiliary components for Kongskilde machines and other agricultural machinery manufacturers and is able to offer similar components to other systems.

You can build quality with us
in agriculture